Victoria Vixen 36F Busty Bombshell

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FINGERS THROUGH YOUR HAIR, and kisses your neck, there are candles lit, and soft music playing in the background,

She turns around and starts grinding her body to the beat against you, your pants are getting tighter, she reaches down

and strokes your Throbbing …. through your pants making you soooo hard,, and excited, she knows what she is doing to

you, SHE DROPS TO HER KNEES AND, Blows her hot warm breath through your pants, and OUTLINES YOUR

HARDNESS WITH HER TONGuE, AS YOU FEEL THE HOTNESS OF HER BREATH YOU LONG FOR MORE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, She then get up and lies down on her

bed and starts pleasing herself with a vibrator, you cant get your pants off fast enough

Are You ready for a truly unforgettable experience with a girl who will give you memories to last a lifetime? Victoria Is just that girl, makinng every moment count with her beautiful hair, voluptious curves, and sparkling personality. Victoria will make you the center of her attention showereing you with best that five star service can provide. You will be sure to want her with you again, and again.

  •  Victoria Vixen is Chico’s #1 Premiere Escort and the #1 Most Requested Escort for REPEAT VISITS in the entire west coast.

Highly reviewed and Well traveled, Victoria is A true gem, unlike so many, she is a sweet heart who has a passion for what she does. She uses the art of sexual healing to bring peace and harmony to the world around her. She always enjoys meeting new people but it is her old friends that keep her coming back. Available only to those who desire the finer things in life. She is a High Class girl with Five Star quality Service to match.

Victoria Vixen is the stuff wet dreams are made of, her body is beautiful,  super busty 36F all natural breasts,  with a slim waistline & Bouncy bubble butt that makes her entire body look as if it was shaped after an old coke bottle


She embodies the look of an old fashioned pin-up girl with a vintage sex appeal that drives men wild. She always gets dressed up for her dates, she loves high heels, fishnets, stockings, and lingere. Her passion is to meet all the men out there who work hard to provide for thier families, those are the men who often forget to take care of themselves, those are the men who deserve to be pampered and pleased the most.

Victoria Vixen is a sweet girl that does a great job at making you feel at ease, it’s like hooking up with your high school fantasy only she is super nice and it’s not a dream. She is well trained in the arts of massage, escort, and bdsm, so if you have any special requests please feel free to ask.


“come have some fun with me, baby!” -♥Victoria Vixen X0X0

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸ .•´
×°×` •.¸.•´ ×°×
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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Victoria Vixen 757-559-7926)))*

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Bronze Package 100$

Victoria always answers the door in sexy linger with the lights low and she does a free strip tease before donations to ensure that both parties are safe, after donations she like to perform a toy show while you undress, usualy the first session is super quick because of the amazingly hot way she introduces herself so for that its $100 and takes about 20 minutes ( 20 minutes is a guidline and not a timelimit, she is more into a good time than anything){1x 100}

Silver Package  150$

But if you dont want the magic to end, you are in magical hands, so why not stay  longer for a fantastic massage that makes your whole body feel rejuvinated,  Her Certificate in massage therapy enables her to give you the most relaxing moments, you will feel as though your on a mini vacation as you slip into relaxtion and pure bliss as she works out all the kinks and knots, you will feel your stress melt away when you add this massage to the session above ($150 for 1 time and a massage with a 40 minute guideline)

Gold Package 200$

Sometimes once just isnt enough and because victoria is so hot and so good at what she does she can turn up the heat during the last five minutes of your full body sensual massage and get you fired up and going again so that you can end with another super bang for your buck and have one more round with the lovely miss victoria  this session is 200$ and comes with everything mentioned above (200$ 2 times and a massagein between with guideline of 1 hour)

Diamond Package 300$

Have you been having a hard time focusing on the task at hand? are you feeling all wound up, grouchy and snapping at the wrong people for no reason? You are in need of a major release, and there is no better way to get it than 2 hours of the erotic extacy where things you have only dreamed about come true, this special package is recommended to anyone out there who deserves a break, one that leaves you feeling like a brand new man. After the diamond experience you will be a much more productive person, you will be able to concentrate much better, think much clearer and have the patience needed to do it all with a smile.

Platinum Packages 500$

This overnight package is available upon request only and is generally reserved for regular clients, however there is always an exception to every rule, so if you are new and really want to book her for the entire evening please note that first impressions are everything and last minute plans are always harder to commit to, so if you are not a regular and your request for an overnight has been denied, please do not take it offensivley. This session is rarely given to new clients and its a way for her to spend more one on one time with those men who mean more to her than just a client.


Read on to see what you might be saying after a session with me….

“After Browsing some adds, I decide to call up Victoria. She sounded real sweet and nice over the phone, so in the end, I chose to go with her. Her voice was a young, sweet, sexy voice that just simply seduced me. So as I pulled into the parking lot of her location, I couldn’t help but to start feeling a bit nervous. I always feel like this when I am about to see someone new. After sitting in my car for a minute I finally got up the courage to get out and knock. I was pleased to see that the girl in the pictures was the girl who actually opened the door. Victoria looked just as hot in person as she did online and she was even wearing the same kind of sexy lingere. She invited me in by kissing my cheek and my neck, telling me how happy she was that I decided to come over see her. There was music playing in the background and sweet smelling candles lit. After I sat down, she started to sway her hips, and move her body. She looked so HOT dancing to the beat, that it quieted all of my wondering-negative-thoughts. I was getting very excited, so I began to undress, anticipating what was to come. Victoria notices my excitement and to my surprise she tells me to wait, and slow down. She lies down and starts getting herself all hot and wet with a little vibrator, she had hidden between her breasts. She told me that she had to get it ready for me. She touched herself until she couldn’t wait for me to put it in. It felt so good to both of us that the first round didn’t really last that long. But, even though it felt awesome, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t want it to be over yet. Our time had just begun, I paid for the hour and it wasn’t anywhere near the end of the hour, but, again to my surprise, she must have felt the same way, because instead of telling me to go, she kissed me and told me to lay down on my stomach. I did so, and she grabbed some oil off the dresser and started rubbing it into all of my muscles. She was very good at relaxing every part of my body. It was easy to get my mind off of things because she smelled so good and looked so sexy in the candle light. I didn’t come for a massage but my body felt AMAZING. She rubbed my neck, my back, my head, my arms, my legs, and my feet. My everything. Towards the end she started to get just as excited as I was about, her hands, being all over me. She begged me to put it in again, but, this time it lasted longer than the first. I wanted to savor the moment and how good she was making me feel. It had been a long time since anyone had made me feel this good. When I was done, the look on her face told me that she was just as satisfied as I was. This girl was everything I was hoping for. She doesn’t post all the time on RB, and is not a full time working girl… She is looking for a few fellows to see on a regular basis, to help supplement her income, while attending school. She is looking for warm, romantic, individuals who are looking for a drama-free, no strings attached, and mutually-beneficial-relationships. I definitely don’t mind contributing to her cause, because it was completely worth it, unlike so many other sessions I’ve had in the past, where i left feeling like “why did i do that?”, When I left Victoria I actually felt good. My body felt amazing, my stress level was gone and my heart felt good knowing that I gave my money to a girl who I actually had an awesome time with, and couldn’t wait to see again.”-Steven Bronx


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Me Myself and I
Me Myself and I
Wanna watch me touch myself until I cum? I love being a naughty girl, cum watch me!!!
Price: $5.00
Sexy Sandals and A Bouncy Booty
Sexy Sandals and A Bouncy Booty
Price: $5.00
Beautiful Blows
Beautiful Blows
Staring Sinful Sabrina, Victoria Vixen And Big Black.
Price: $5.00


Please call ME to Book This Session BEFORE YOU PAY,. Call me so i can log onto this page, After i confirm that im available, i will log into the camamba chat room. once i am logged in, you can make a payment then enter the camamba chat box by filling out your name and age then clicking the ENTER button in the grey box located below!!! Once I recieve the payment and we are both logged into the camamba chat I can add my webcam and yours so we we can see each other, if you dont want me to see dont add your camera, its really alot easier then it sounds. call me, book me, pay me, then enter!!

Webcam Session
Webcam Session
30 minutes
Price: $60.00


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